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There is never too much art...
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princesseru10 has started a donation pool!
412 / 1,337
could any kind souls please donate some points to me please? it'll be for a good cause! and if i ever reach my goal, i'll make a journal thanking everyone who donated to me.

if u donate points, people who donate will get:
1-5: a llama
6-10: a watch
11-25: 3 favs
26-50: a watch and 5 favs
51+: a llama, a watch, 10 favs, a journal feature or 10 of your deviations

please donate! it will be really appreciated! :D

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  • :iconlyssiemil:
    Donated May 3, 2012, 5:26:49 PM
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    Donated Jan 9, 2012, 3:38:08 AM
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    Donated Apr 10, 2011, 4:46:40 AM
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SPOILER: U.M.A.'s DO EXIST! WIP by princesseru10
Every additional character is another 50 points
Colored Sketch
Mikasa and Armin by princesseru10
Every additional character is 50 points
Bust Color (Flat)
Chrismas Sasha by princesseru10 Christmas Link by princesseru10
Flat meaning simple coloring (no shading)
Every additional character is 100 points
Bust Color (Detailed)
Faun Sirene by princesseru10
Every additional character is 150 points
get well soon from YJI by princesseru10 Sailor Dejavudea by princesseru10 RWBY pinafores by princesseru10
Every additional character is 100 points


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princesseru10's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
birthday: september 2, 199x
gender: female
nationality: filipino
likes: anime, manga, cosplaying, music, drawing, books, playing violin, tv, MOST animals, plushies, chocolate, sushi, the internet, hanging out with friends, etc.
dislikes: spiders, rude people, getting into fights with family and friends, bacon, etc.
top 5 fav animes: katekyo hitman reborn, fairy tail, detective conan, shingeki no kyojin, sword art online
fav cartoons of all time: young justice/young justice invasion, teen titans, avatar the last airbender, legend of korra, code lyoko
IRL friends: :iconschervier88: :icons4mantha: :iconrivercrosser: :iconkakuri-love: :iconagel12309: :icon3xxhakuxx3: :iconsakuracosplayer: :iconlovlystar3: :iconstuckincreativelimbo: :iconpunchikki: :iconmoonfactored: :iconcloudyintheday: :iconkoiangel: :iconzebrasonya:
dA friends (sorry if i forgot to include anyone!): :iconjayjay4578: :iconrayray18: :iconaya-mei: :iconreixma: :iconamayshun: :iconkinimoto7: :iconneko--witch: :icononeangel99: :iconrobyninsherwood: :iconindilwenlily: :icontheonlygrayson: :icon2n31: :iconfatgurl06:
Not A Chance dA (shared with :iconstuckincreativelimbo:): :iconnotachance1827:
cosplay group: :iconchibidangopro:
dA group: :iconartdreamers:

favorite quotes:

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
-Walt Disney (Meet the Robinsons)

"Teaching isn’t as effective as hands-on experience. Don’t think. Feel.”
-Reborn (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

"Never forget, a believing heart is your magic."
-Shiny Chariot (Little Magic Academia)

"Bury the pain of losing your love ones... into the arms of your friends"
-Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) [episode68/chapter164]

"You're a troublesome case you know? With all these distracting emotions, even if I were Holmes, it'd be impossible for me to crack. The heart of a women whom one likes... How can someone accurately deduce that?! And for love is zero? Don't make me laugh. Zero is where everything starts! Nothing would ever be born if we didn't depart from there!"
-Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan/Case Closed) [episode621/chapter752]

"You're overwhelmed, Frost was underwhelmed, why isn't anyone just whelmed?"
"Okay, I'm officially whelmed."
-Robin aka Dick Grayson (Young Justice) [episode 1&2: Independence Day]

"If dislike is the opposite of like, is disaster the opposite of aster? You know things go right instead of wrong. *sees angry Superboy* Clearly you aren’t feelin the aster. What’s wrong?"
-Robin aka Dick Grayson (Young Justice) [episode 5: Schooled]

*first camera brakes*
A-"What happened?"
R-"Explosion took out the camera, i'll find another angle."
*other three cameras brake*
R-"That's it, all 4 are dead..."
A- 0.0
R-"The cameras, i meant the cameras! I'm sure the others are okay. Just give me a sec to find the fastest route to the hanger."
A-"Yeah they're fine, they've all got superpowers. They can handle anything."
*both jumps down from vent*
R-"There's a secret passage behind one of these bookcases."
A-"Seriously? Cliché much."
R-"You should see the bat cave."
A-"It's red tornado!"
R-"YES on the red, NO on the tornado"
*both enter secret passage*
*both enter another passage and stop*
A-"What do we do now?"
R-"We save them, that's how it works."
A-"Maybe that's how it's supposed to work, but those robots already took out our four SUPER-POWERED friends"
R-"You seem distraught."
A-"DISTRAUGHT?! M'gann is dying. We have NO powers and I'm down to my last arrow! Of course i'm distraught!"
R-"Well get traught, or get dead!"
A-"How can you be so calm?"
*both continue forward*
R-"Practice, I've been doing this since I was nine."
-Robin aka Dick Grayson and Artemis (Young Justice) [episode 12: Homefront]
Happy 14th birthday deviantART!  :party: :cake:

But wow, I can't believe it's already been 4 years since I've joined dA (of course that number seems insignificant compared to the 14 years dA has been created, but these 4 years mean a lot for me). Not only has dA led me to meeting a bunch of awesome people, but it also gave me a place to share my passions, including art and cosplay.

My dA story I guess would have to start back in like 6th grade (this fall, I'm going to be a senior), when my friend was telling me about dA and how it was a great site to share your art. But after her telling me about the site, I forgot what it was called so I completely forgot about it until I found the site myself back in 2010. 

Back then, the first deviation I posted (tbh it wasn't even me who posted it but the same friend who initially told me about dA since we were at her house when she took the photo) was of my borrowed Matt cosplay from Death Note that my friend randomly asked if I wanted to try it on.LOLWUT by princesseru10
I didn't even know what I was getting myself into when I agreed and even now, a little more than 4 years later, I still can't even understand why I agreed. But that doesn't mean I regret it since from that day on, I was REALLY introduced to cosplay (I knew what cosplay was prior to the photo, but never really had any interests of pursuing the hobby until I suddenly found myself borrowing my friend's cosplay). After that, the next cosplay I did was made by that same friend which was my adult!meiko cosplay which was taken at my first ever anime conventionMeiko by ChibiDangoPro
After all those years, here's one of my cosplays that I recently worked on myself of yj!robin: robin cosplay 1 by princesseru10
Throughout these 4 years, dA has seen me progress through one of my favorite hobbies, which is why I've chosen those 3 cosplay pics to feature. From what initially started as a borrowed cosplay to one hand made by a friend (where I still had no idea what I was doing) to now, a half hand made/bought costume (hey, we gotta start somewhere right?). My skills aren't great now and I'm pretty much still a noob when it comes to cosplay, but to me, I still see some improvement.

And that's just the cosplay side of my dA story.

I've always used art as a way to express myself. From T-shirts to nail designs to art (both traditional and digital), I found a way to share my fandom passions with the world. Thanks to dA, I was freely able to do just that (Later I'll include different examples of art pieces I've created). My art still sucks now, but I can definitely say it's improved. And like my cosplay, dA witnessed this progression.

So yeah, sorry for the really long journal... ^^; But anyways, that's my deviantART story. What's yours?

And here are some examples of the type of the things I've made over the years that I mentioned previously (the reasons why I chose to feature each pic will be explained above them):

This photo is of my first t-shirt design that has the quote: "Bury the pain of losing your love ones... into the arms of your friends" -Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) [episode68/chapter164] I just feel like that quote holds a lot of meaning and Erza is my favorite character from Fairy Tail. 
fairytail shirt by princesseru10

Next up are the #HeroesNeverDie nails I created for the Young Justice Invasion and Green Lantern series finales. Both shows were very enjoyable for me and despite having to wake up early saturday morning, I happily did so each week. However when I heard that both were being cancelled and removed from the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network, I was heartbroken. Later when I was scrolling on tumblr that same day, I heard of the #HeroesNeverDie that was made to represent all the heroes that would have all been lost and technically die since there would be no new episodes with them after the cancellation. Even if the shows wouldn't air anymore, that didn't mean they would be gone forever, thus the #HeroesNeverDie was born! Since the hashtag itself held so much meaning, I knew I had to show my love by designing my nails for the series finales which I HAD to feature here.
#HeroesNeverDie Nails by princesseru10

These are a few of my art projects I've made in my Commercial Art class (all made in freshman year before we started designing things digitally) where you can see my love of certain fandoms showing. I couldn't choose just one traditional piece I made in the class so I opted to choosing this group pic. The reason is because not only does it show some different fandoms I love and the different types of things I can make, but it also shows how art isn't just ONE type of thing. It can be done in so many different forms (just like how I express my love of art) and I felt like this photo represented that nicely.
art collection by princesseru10

Although this piece wasn't part of the previous photo, I had to include my typography project from my commercial art class I made sophomore year (each part of my body uses quotes from different fandoms such as my hair being made up of doctor who quotes). Again, not only does it include my love for different fandoms, but it was the first piece where I worked digitally in my commercial art class with another different medium (tupography).
Le Me Typograpgy by princesseru10

Lasted, I chose to feature my drawing of Mango Sirene's faun costume (one of the cosplayers of innermindtheater on youtube). The reason is because usually, although I tend to dislike a lot of my art pieces, I TRUELY can say that I absolutely love the way this one turned out. First of all, it was the first piece that I drew using Paint Tool Sai so I had to adjust to the application (though not necessarily hard to adjust to, it did give a different experience that I had to get used to). Secondly, it was the first piece that I used a new shading technique that my friend taught me. And since it's one of the few pieces of mine that I really like, I knew I had to include it here.
Faun Sirene by princesseru10
  • Listening to: Only My Railgun by fripSide
  • Watching: Fairy Tail (2014)
  • Playing: THE game
  • Eating: Strawberries and Nutella
  • Drinking: H2O

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